Pidgin Error? This is How to Solve it

Posted by Otak Komputer on Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Some day, my pidgin error. I don't know why, but it's really make me feel bad. Finally, I tried to find answers on the internet and various forums. What you need you can find it in internet and I found the answer
To make our pidgin work properly, Pager server on pidgin setting have to modified with the ip address listed below: or

How to do that? This is how to do it :

  • Log in to your account. Choose account-> your id -> select edit account.
  • Modify account will appear in a second, select the advanced tab.
  • See column Page Server and the first content is Replace it with the ip address that have been given.
  • The final step is save the settings.
After all, you can be happy again with the message your pidgin

thanks to my lovely forum, cyberphreaking

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