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Posted by Otak Komputer on Monday, 19 July 2010

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Let we talk about a mobile site today. It's mean we want to see our web/blog with our phone. More over people now access the internet using their mobile gadget, like iphone, blackberry, telephone cellular, and many others. As we know, viewing a website using computer is different if we viewing it with mobile gadget. Usually it's always different user interface for 2 type. For example you can see, and You will really feel the different.

OK, I assume that you already have a blog that can be viewed with computer. But you didn't facilitated for mobile user. What will you do? Will you hire a programmer to do that? I hope you didn't do that before read this article. It's a great advantages if you use Wordpress, because they have a plugin to detect your visitor browser and type of device that they use to come to your blog. Just install the plugin, set the rule, set the themes, and done. You already get your mobile site.
But how if you didn't use Wordpress? There are a lot of third party that can convert your website to a mobile site. In example you can use to make your mobile site. The disadvantage using third party that you have to use their subdomain. You can cheat this one by using your own subdomain and redirect it to your mippin address. Give it a try guys.

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