Sunday, 28 October 2012

    Wireshark = A shark on your network

    Wireshark, one of the famous tools for a network administrator or maybe for hackers to monitoring their targets. Is it look like a sophisticated one? Maybe yes and maybe no, depend on your goals using this tools. Sometimes I use this for monitoring all the network activities in my office, so I can trace what is or where is the problem that make my network slow or maybe there is some abnormal activities is going on. Maybe if you're boring sometimes, try to capture your friends activities on the internet for a practice.
    I don't know much about this tools, but there is so many function that you can explore for your own purpose. And here, I want to remind you, do it on your own risk, never blame me to tell you this tools :-p

    Thursday, 27 January 2011

    Print Screen with Snipping Tool Windows 7

    Hi all readers, it's a long time no update in here. I'm sorry for that, it because I need to focus for my mini Thesis for my graduate. Until now I still working on it, but now I'm on a stuck. So I want to make a little talk in here. This is a simple thing that we do with our computer activities, we want to capture an image from our desktop. There are so many application for that, as example my Laptop has a dedicated button to do that. I mean a real dedicated one, not the print screen button. But we have a problem here, because sometimes we are not need whole the screen to capture, just a piece of it. Usually we push print screen button and we make another step to crop it whit another softwares or applications. In Windows 7 we have it with one tool.

    Maybe a new user for Windows 7 didn't know about this one. It's called Snipping Tool. You will find this tool in accessories folder in start menu. You will see this icon.

    You just need to click it and you will get a pointer to point from where to where location on your desktop need to be captured. So, you don't need to print screen your desktop and editing for your need. Just click, drag the area, then finish. You can save it or directly use it with your document or anything else you want. But just in case, I suggest to save it for another purpose. That's all, I hope you will find an easiest way to do print screen your desktop. See you in the next post.

    Monday, 19 July 2010

    Make your Wordpress blog Mobile site

    mobile site
    Let we talk about a mobile site today. It's mean we want to see our web/blog with our phone. More over people now access the internet using their mobile gadget, like iphone, blackberry, telephone cellular, and many others. As we know, viewing a website using computer is different if we viewing it with mobile gadget. Usually it's always different user interface for 2 type. For example you can see, and You will really feel the different.

    OK, I assume that you already have a blog that can be viewed with computer. But you didn't facilitated for mobile user. What will you do? Will you hire a programmer to do that? I hope you didn't do that before read this article. It's a great advantages if you use Wordpress, because they have a plugin to detect your visitor browser and type of device that they use to come to your blog. Just install the plugin, set the rule, set the themes, and done. You already get your mobile site.
    But how if you didn't use Wordpress? There are a lot of third party that can convert your website to a mobile site. In example you can use to make your mobile site. The disadvantage using third party that you have to use their subdomain. You can cheat this one by using your own subdomain and redirect it to your mippin address. Give it a try guys.



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