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Posted by Otak Komputer on Thursday, 16 July 2009

Wordpress is one from a lot of engines to create a blog. People who did not know well about coding and make a script, like this one. WP can use like blogger, subdomain, e.g. sudoma.wordpress.com. Blogger do so, retora.blogspot.com.
OK, we will talk about, where to download WP. There are 2 kinds of WP version. First one is stable version. Until I write this article, the latest version is v.2.8. But I have a little problem with this version, I can't modify my widget. I don't know why, maybe my connection not so fast to load the page. So I decide to back to v.2.7.1.
Now, do you wanna download WP? Just come to wordpress.org. Once you arrived, the homepage will show you link to download the latest version. Click, wait, and install.
But if you wanna see another version, choose in the left side, release-archives link. It contain all wordpress version that had been develop.

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