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Posted by Otak Komputer on Sunday, 18 October 2009

Hi all, long time no see, hehehe. This blog really quite a long time has no new post. So, for today, I just wanna share how to download a video only with your browser. Do you already know what is a browser right! For windows user, you will be familiar with IE ( Internet explorer ).

Mozilla FirefoxImage via Wikipedia
Windows Internet ExplorerAnother browser that used by most people are Mozilla firefox, Opera, and Safari. There are a lot of browser, but that's the common we know.
Now, we often see a good video but we can't download it to view later if we want. There is a lot of independent program to do that. But in this posting, we will use an add on or plugin on our browser.

For Mozilla Firefox, we can use FlashGot add on. This add on really useful for download the video. Just play the video that you want to download, after that you can see an indicator at the bottom leftside the progress bar. Just click it, and the video will be on your computer soon.

For Opera, I ever use a Flash Video Downloader. This plugin working when you give it a link to the page of video. After that, just wait a second, the link to download the video will be given to you.

For other browser, I don't know how to do that, because I am not using it. For picture, I will update this post later. Rahim Rasyid

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