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Posted by Otak Komputer on Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Can you expect what I want to write down here from that image? I hope you expect about bookmark button and the right thing I will talk about that. It's really simple to add this button collection below, above or where ever you want in your post/page.
Why I need this buttons? This is the first question for us to answer. We use this to give our reader a simple way to share our post/page with others via online bookmarking. It'll help us to grow up our web and have a lot of visitors then.
OK, we already know why we need this one. So we'll talk about how to install it. For blogger user we need to install the script manually with editing our html template. If you want it, just copy this source code below and paste it before < / head >

and then find the code like this : < data : post . body / > (If you have used readmore hack in your template. then find last code like this and paste after that). Copy below code and paste it after < data : post . body / >

For wordpress user, you have it with simple way.
Just add sexybookmark plugin to your wordpress. As we know, to add plugin to our wordpress we have a lot of way. Download the plugin manually or add it via dashboard. Choose your comfortable way. Plugin name is sexybookmark. Have a nice day. Rahim Rasyid

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  1. thank you for sharing bro.... are you indonesian?

  2. @rio
    yes, I'm indonesian. nice to meet you


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