How to Claim your Blog at Technorati

Posted by Otak Komputer on Thursday, 8 July 2010

It's a quite long time for me not write any article here. I'm so sorry for that, it because my study need more attention. OK, now we will talk about technorati. Technorati is a kind of a thousand or maybe a million blog directory. It's famous as like others. Some blogger use this for get more traffic from other users in technorati. I assume that you already create an account here and had added your blog. The problem is you didn't know what to do to claim it, actually before read this post :D. Like usually, we'll try to explain how to claim your blog at technorati step by step. Here we go :

  1. As my assumption, you already have an account and had added your blog. So we need to claim it as we are the author of that blog.
  2. Actually, it's just a simple step, maybe need a couple of minutes. Technorati ask you to creat a new post on your blog with random string that they give to you.
  3. Now follow their instructions to create that post. Give the title and content for your new post with random string.
  4. After you create that post, back to your account on technorati and give a punch to "complete claim" link there.
  5. Wait for a seconds, and your blog will be added to your account.
happy trying technorati traffics.

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