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Posted by Otak Komputer on Monday, 27 July 2009

In my latest post, we had talked about how to make a post in wordpress blog. In this post, it still about how to make a post, but we concern to publish area in the right sidebar. We can see it like this image below

We will talk more deeply about this image. Now we will start it with this one, two button in the upper position.
  • Save Draft : your post will be a draft in edit posting area, so it will not publish until you set it back to publish.
  • Preview : you will see your post before you really posting it in you blog. It will look like your true post.
After that button, we will see three more setting to control our post, they are status, visibility, and publish. We also see a link with edit text. In this edit mode, we can change some properties for this post. First, we talk about status.

  • Status; if we click edit link, you will see like this image below

    You will have a drop down list to choose you post status. There is two option, first draft and second publish
  • Visibility; it set your post who will see it after you publishing your post.

    In this setting, you can set your post to visible for all internet user or some people that know password to open that post, or really private.You can give a tick for "Stick this post to the front page" to make this post always shown in your homepage. How much you make a post after this post, this post always stand front your first page forever. In private mode, this post will only see by member in your blog.

  • One more left, publishing mode. OK, you already click the edit link don't you. We have like this

    If you didn't change anything in this form, your post will immediately appear in your blog after you push publish button. This is how we make a scheduling post. You just need to set the month, date, year and time to make your post publish automatically. This function really help for bloger, because when we have a lot of inspiration to write, we can schedule it for our blog frequency of making a post.
OK, that all about this publish advance. I hope you will give it a try to make sure you understand all the function in this. Rahim Rasyid

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