First step using VMWare

Posted by Otak Komputer on Tuesday, 4 August 2009

VMware is a software to make a virtual machine in your PC to work like a dedicated PC. This software help use to try before use an operating system. In this post, we'll talk about how to make a virtual machine. VMware is a licensed software, so you have to buy it. Don't to be affraid, the publisher give a trial software to use. If you want a freeware software are like VMware, you can choose virtualbox.
Like before, we'll do this in step-by-step to make you understand how to do it. OK, we start now :

  1. Absolutely, we have to run our VMware program first.
  2. Now we click file -- new -- virtual machine. Like in this image below

  3. After that, you will see a window pop up to start the wizard. We already now what to do right? Just click next button to next window.
  4. When next button clicked, we will see a window is like image below

    There are two radio button to decide our choice. In this window we'll choose our virtual machine type. There are two type you can choose, first one is typical type and second one is custom type.

    • Typical : it's a default computer option. Like a complete computer in real world.
    • Custom : we can choose the hardware we want to use or not. This is for advance user and know what he need.
  5. We choose our guest OS in this window. There are a group of OS in this world. Choose what you want to try. There are five main groups of OS.

  6. The OS that you choose have to have a name and a directory to place all file.

  7. Next step we choose our network type. There are four types of network, use bridged networking, use NAT, use host-only networking, and the last don't use a network connection.

  8. After choosing your OS, we continue to set your virtual harddisk drive. And this is our final task

  9. Just click finish, and you are ready to run your virtual machine. Don't forget to load your OS CD installation first to your CD-ROM.
Thats all to make a virtual machine with VMware. Maybe it'll a little different with virtualbox, but allover same. Rahim Rasyid

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  1. bahasa inggris aku ga terlalu bagus nih... :)

    kehadiran vmware dan virtualbox sangat membantu untuk mencoba berbagai software tanpa perlu membeli komputer baru ataupun dualboot yg bikin pusing :)


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