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Posted by Otak Komputer on Saturday, 8 August 2009

We already know about twitter and facebook. Facebook is most famous social networking web around the world. I, myself known facebook when friendster goes down for a week. And now, I am prefer to use facebook to friendster. Twitter, some of us call this with mini blogging. Why? It because we just say a few word, but it can give a powerfull meaning for our activity. Some big website make it promo in this mini blog to get a traffic.
OK, I hope we already have an account in both of that sites. We want to link it to update our status. The main key is we want to make an update in one of them, e.g in facebook, but when we update it, in our twitter do the same action, and vice versa. It cut our time to update it one by one.
This is the way how to do it :

  1. Facebook to Twitter
    First, find your status RSS feed on Facebook.We can find it if we visit our profile and on our mini-feed select "See All". On the right side, we will see a list of items, select “status stories” and finally below this a feed link can be found. Next step is to add your newly found status RSS feed to the TwitterFeed. In this step, we can set our update frequentcy, prefixed it with "From Facebook..." and we publishing just the title.
  2. Twitter to Facebook
    The official Twitter Facebook app (found here: http://apps.facebook.com/twitter/) has an option after you install it to update your Facebook status with your latest tweet. We need to understand that there is a delay if you use twitter frequently.Overall it's really powerfull to make an update for both with one update in a side.
Maybe that's all I wanna say now, I hope I will have a new article to write. Rahim Rasyid

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  1. I didnt know there was a way to link two of my favourite apps. This is a very good tool. I will try it out.

  2. There it is,
    What a very useful info..


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