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Posted by Otak Komputer on Sunday, 22 November 2009

We already talk about this in earlier article, "Wordpress theme, it's look like Twitter", and now we will see different between Twitter and this theme. In my first posting, this theme only can make status update on our blog and change our blog like Twitter. We still make a new posting from our dashboard manually. Now we'll see how powerful this theme for user that need a faster blogging theme. I think this is the answer.

Advantage about this theme is really simple theme and candy view. With ajax, it's feel like web 2.0 application. Every post will have comment thread that can grow automatically depend how many users give reply. This one make me really like this theme, simple tab to write something.

There are 4 tabs that we can use. Detail of each tab can we see below :
  1. Status Update
    As twitter do, we just update our status with other user that read your blog. Permalink for your status will be created with your first line.
  2. Blog Post
    We make a new post without going to dashboard. Just type it in this tab, you will have a new post for your blog.
  3. Quote
    Cite a word or phrase from everywhere that you want, just like poems or else.
  4. Link
    If you like a web that you have just visited and want to share with other, write the link in this tab.
Actually, this theme work properly like that only with wordpress.com. Not for wordpress.org, because as my experience, for wordpress.org this theme just provide update status only without other tabs. But it's just case of time when they give this theme full for wordpress user self hosting. I'm waiting for that.

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