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Posted by Otak Komputer on Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Now a day, every one of us already know what is twitter. Twitter is a mini blog, just give a simple word to other user. Do you ever thinking that method used by twitter, we can implementing it in our blog? Before I see this theme, I answered 'no', but now I will always say 'yes'. Take a look this screenshoot below.

Are you familiar with this siteview? You will say yes if you use twitter. It's really look like a twitter. The function to make a new post without coming to your dashboard is the most powerful ability in this theme. This theme comfortable for a blog that has so many user inside. This is a free theme from wordpress.org. You can download it here :
But there is somethings we can't see. Can you expect what I mean? If you say it's about post title, than you're right. When you post using text box at the homepage, we can't give a title to our post. For that, we have to make a post from our dashboard. I've used this theme, as long as I use it, this really good for communication between user in group. It's really nice to use. Thanks

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