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Posted by Otak Komputer on Wednesday, 11 November 2009

All of us know about Facebook, one of the famous social networking on internet. This social network has embeded chat application on it pages. We can chat directly to our friend without disturbing us browsing our Facebook. As we now, a chat application always have a smilies that we use to expression emotion when we chat. Smilies or emoticon really make chat live. Do you ever use your chat on Facebook? I think you already do that far before you see this article. But do you ever use all the smilies that provided by Facebook? Let we see this picture, this is your normal Facebook chat.

Now compare that picture with this one.

Do you see the different between that pictures?Don't say the different is Facebook user. Focus on the gray area below profiles picture. In first picture, we see nothing, just an empty space. But in the second picture, we see a smilies between chatbox and profiles picture.
Now, I will give you trick how to make it like that. Our tools to make it work are Firefox browser and GreaseMonkey. GreaseMonkey is an addon in Firefox and we can download it for free. You can follow link below to download it


Next step is restarting your browser. Now with GreaseMonkey on our browser, we can install any scripts that we want. For this article, we want to install script to make Facebook smilies visible in our browser. Download it on this address
After install the script, you are done. Restart again your browser and open your Facebook chat, you will see a set of smilies there. Happy chatting.  Thanks

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