Blogger or Wordpress? Let We See

Posted by Otak Komputer on Thursday, 19 November 2009

As the title, we'll compare between Blogger and Wordpress. We already know what is Blogger and what is Wordpress, right? I already write it before, just check it in previous post. Now we'll talk about advantage and disadvantage between both of this engine. First we'll talk about Blogger advantages. Make it point by point

Advantages with Blogger

  • First of all, it's free to have an account. We can make so many blog with 1 account.
  • One of Google service. It's mean our blog will be quickly to indexed by google search engine.
  • Templates provides with a large help in internet.
  • We are able to customize template source code to insert our own code.
  • Our blog name will be a subdomain from But we can make custom domain later.
  • Space and bandwidth unlimited.
Disadvantages with Blogger
  • We need to know about our template source code so we can modify it as we want to.
  • We can't easily add a function that we want.
  • Some script from third party services can't installed with blogger.
That's all I know about blogger. Maybe other want to add information about it. And now we'll talk about wordpress. As we know, there are and  So we will make it 2 parts for this. Let start it from

Advantages with
  • First of all, it's free to have an account. We can make so many blog with 1 account.
  • Space limited to 3GB and bandwidth unlimited ( if I'm not wrong indeed ). 
  • Have  blog name as a subdomain from
Disadvantage with
  • Themes. We only have a few choose for this one.
  • Code modification. We can not make a modification to source code.
  • Limited plugin that we can use.

Advantages with
  • It's free to download.
  • We can modify source code as we like it.
  • We have full control for making our blog.
  • So many plugin we can use and give our blog more abilities.
Disadvantages with
  • We have to provide a hosting for our place to put it and install it. The hosting must support php and mysql
  • If we use a paid hosting, we need to pay for rent.
Maybe that's all I know about this topic. Maybe if there any mistake, please tell me to change it. Another opinions from readers for this topic will be added in this post. Thanks

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