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Posted by Otak Komputer on Thursday, 12 November 2009

I had write an article about Update your Facebook with Twitter and vice versa. In progres to make update from facebook to our twitter, we use TwitterFeed. Now we'll talk about this powerful web and how to use TwitterFeed.
Maybe it'll really helpful if we make it on step by step. Let's begin!

  1. first of all, we usually register our self on that website so we can use their services. It will be done in 10 to 15 minutes. But we can skip it ( not really skip ) by using our openID to sign in. With sign in using our openID, we don't need to register, fulfill all text boxes, and check our email for comfirmation.
  2. Verify your account first and then you can use services from TwitterFeed. For them whom using openID, you will be redirecting to your login page to confirm you are the owner.
  3. I hope you have done step 2 and I assume you have login to TwitterFeed.
  4. When you login, Twitter will give you services that you can use. It's look like picture below

    You can only pick one in a time.For our example here, I will use twitter service.

  5. Click button that appears and you will be redirecting to give authentication to use your twitter account. I assume you have logged in to your twitter account.
  6. Click Allow button to give TwitterFeed access to your twitter.

  7. After click Allow button, we'll redirecting again to TwitterFeed page again, like ping pong game right!
  8. Next step we give a name for our feed and feed url from our blog/web.

  9. Write what you want for feed name box. For rss feed url, use your feed. If you not sure about it, you can test it first with button on the right side.
  10. Then we click create feed button. 
There are an advance settings that we can modify. But I think default setting is a good one. If you want to explore about it, you can do it easily without worrying something gonna happen with your web. Thanks

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