Open Linux Partitions from Windows 7

Posted by Otak Komputer on Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Now we'll talking about opening linux file system from our windows. We are not talking vice versa, because it's allready default linux can read windows partitions. If we have a dual booting computer, windows and linux both, we have a little problem to communicated between each file type.

The problem we've meet is to open linux partition from windows. As default we can't read it directly. So we need a tools or software to help us for it. There are so many software could help us, but for windows 7 only 1 software can run properly, ext2fsd. We talk about it like usual, step by step :
  • Download the software first. Find the latest version (
  • Before run and install the software, first set the properties to make it compatible for windows vista service pack 2 and run it as administrator.
  • That's the main problem solver. Now you can run the software and reboot it.
Default setting for the software is not to run when you reboot. We need to modify the setting, make it automatically run when starting your computer. Now your linux partition will be see like normal partition in windows. Try it my friends.

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  1. Wouldn't work with ext4 with all the features on (there's currently one known app only that can read from ext4)

  2. @anonymous
    thanks for information. I actually still using ext3, so I didn't explore how to read ext4.


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