How to remove or add default Games on Windows

Posted by Otak Komputer on Thursday, 7 May 2015

Have you ever seen Solitaire on your PC? Or maybe FreeCell? I'm really sure almost 99% of people whom ever use a computer have already play those games. But what you can do if you don't see it on someone PC when you use it? It'll be so boring to use computer without any game inside.

Now I want to share you about how to add or maybe remove it on your Windows. Actually, all default games are already copied to your PC. You just need to activate or deactivate games that you want. Where you can find that setting? Simply search on your start button with this keyword, "windows feature". This one should be appear on your screen.

how to open windows features

Just click it bro. But there is one condition that you must have, you have to know your PC administrator's password. If you don't have it, so you will never able to add or remove games base this article. When you are going inside this program, you can add or remove your windows features, like activate IIS, SNMP, and many more of it. Now we just focus to our topic, about games on windows. Next step you will see like this, and just click the plus sign to see all your games that you have.
windows feature show you all windows capable to do
just choose your favorite games

Now you just need to select what game you want to be available on your windows. Happy choosing your favorites games bro.

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  1. Nice it would be easy to block games in schools and college.
    great file sharing article

  2. It's great tips to off default games on windows. thanks for share


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