Notepad as Your Diary

Posted by Otak Komputer on Tuesday, 24 November 2009

"My dear diary, today I'm so happy......"

Hehehehe, nice prologue isn't it? I always see that script when watching a romance movie with writing diary scene. Usually women on the movie do that, maybe in real world too. Sometimes they use diary to tell a story that they can't tell to anybody.

We are not talking about romance in this post, but we'll talk about a diary, e-diary. Now a day we always interacting with technology, like computer, internet, phone cellular, and many more, make us to change our activities to follow it.

I think there are so many software that give us purposes like a diary. It could be a free one or paid one. I've saw it later years ago. But now I want to tell you that we can make a diary with notepad. Yes, notepad that we always use to type a simple message. How it could be? Let we see this step by step :
  1. Open your notepad application. 
  2. Write this word on it


  3. Next step save it and give it name. Maybe you would like to give it name Diary.txt. Place it where you can find it easily so when you want to write something, you know where to find it.
  4. Now close it and feel free to open it next time.
Actually it's done after step 3. Now we will test it's working or not. Open your diary.txt now. When you open it you will see a time stamp had been writing automatically. I hope you will see like what I see below.
look like this
I had try it and it work for me. How about you?

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