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Posted by Otak Komputer on Friday, 27 November 2009

Previously, we already talk about this themes. For user on wordpress.com will have this theme with 4 tabs included, but for wordpress.org just have 1 tab for update status. We already now it, right?

Now, for WP self hosting user, this themes is ready to download. I've use it for tulisanku blog. It's really awesome theme and give me more way to make a new post.

New features that I discovered from this new version are :
  • As we mention above, we have 4 tabs now, for update status, blog post, quote, and link. In the first version we only have 1 tab to update status and make our blog look like twitter.
  • Permalink for our title is according to our own structure. I mean when we setting our permalink on setting tab, we will have permalink like that when we posting using blog post tab.
  • We can fine an option tab at dashboard to setting this themes preferences. 
I think there are many more features in this new version, but for me this features the most important. But when implementing this theme, I have a problem with my socialize plugin. Because of that, I've to edit the code of that plugin tu suit with this theme. Everythings is good for me.

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