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Posted by Otak Komputer on Friday, 16 April 2010

Now a day, position on search engine really matter for webmaster to achieve. What is making this so important? Generally, user come first to search engine before find a web/blog that contains what they want. User will thinks that the first position on search engine is the most relevant web/blog with query. This is the main problem that push webmaster to get number one on search engine result page (SERP).

There are so many way to get first position on search engine, all of that called as Search Engine Optimizer (SEO). So many techniques, ways, and tricks to get it. You can find it on web/blog that talking about this on it focus. For now, I'll share how I get this blog with SEO. Implementing search engine optimizer is not so difficult, sometimes we're not realized we already done it.  These are basic things to do on SEO for beginner like me :

  1. Use meta tag. I put it manual on the template code before and fill it with keywords
  2. Use a "long" and focus title. A "long" title mean we have to make it clear about the contain. Never use a short title because we'll lose our targeted reader
  3. Use emphasize at the keyword. Search engine will read H1 first before others thing. 
  4. Use tag or category to make your post more powerfull
  5. If use an image, never forget to give title and alt tag on it
  6. Find backlink for your post. Backlink can be from your own website or from others website.
Those are SEO implemented on this blog. I still learn another ways to improve it. Maybe if you have a trick to increase SEO, please tell me about it. Knowledge for us :D

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