ReminderFox : Never forget your schedule when browsing

Posted by Otak Komputer on Sunday, 2 May 2010

ReminderFox - Remind you when browsing the internet
Hello all my readers, it's a long time no see yeah. I'm so sorry for that, but there are so many things I need to handle in the real world. Now, I want to write about an add-on for Mozilla Firefox.

ReminderFox, a reminder for you when browsing on internet. Sometimes, we forget to do something when we browse our favorite sites. With ReminderFox, it will give us a signal as we set it.

OK, I'll give a review about this and give you step by step to use it. As usual, I write it point to point and give pictures to make it easy to follow.
  1. I think you have installed the add-on. If not, you can find it easily at firefox add-on site.
  2. Access your ReminderFox options with 2 ways. First one, go to Tools -- > ReminderFox -- > Option. Second one, point your mouse to bottom right corner and double click red ribbon icon.
  3. I hope you see like what I see here. There are 2 tabs, Reminder anda ToDo's tab. Let we make you see like this one.

    ReminderFox - Option panel for user
  4. On the right area, we see a calender. If you see like that, welcome to ReminderFox.
  5. Now we'll add a reminder for us to do. It's really easy, just select your date, month, and year that you have make a schedule. Double click on it.
  6. Then you will see like this one I hope. Write your description, choose your duration, and something else you want.

    ReminderFox - Set your reminders and todo plans
  7. That's all guys, explore it for more advance use

For my self especially, it's really good add-on that help me to manage my activities when browsing. Give it a try guys :D

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